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7 years ago
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Make all command line arguments configurable in Jenkins plug-in (i.e. no default arguments)

The command line generated by the Jenkins plug-in (which is otherwise great!) has several default values, which are not the desired ones. For example, there are three /ExportLog arguments (tclogx, htmlx and txt). My tests are quite long and consequently the logs can be huge. I don't want to export them (which takes too much time); I just want to be able to display them directly in TestExecute if the test fails.


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    if you dont mind me asking, how and where did you get this Jenkins Plug-in

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    gc_com Did you post on the forums or submit a Support ticket to see if anyone can help with this?

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    Cool.  Just making sure we've tried everything for you!

  • It would be nice from a retrofit perspective to leave the defaults parameters in there, but allow people to modify them.  Think of them as "recommended" or "default" settings.


    If you simply remove all default parameters it would break people's existing tests who rely on the way they are currently configured.