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10 years ago
New Idea

Enhance TestComplete Jenkins plugin



I've tried the new TestComplete Jenkins plugin (Version1)  and I would like the following features to be added.


  1. ability to select if a MHT file should be generated along with the htmlx and tcLogx reports. It is because we use the MHT file to share result with our customer.
  2. have a testcomplete graph or reports on the main job page that will display the history of tests results with a direct link to the corresponding logs. I'm thinking of something similar to the MSTest plugin
  3. display in the job output the progress of the tests with their results. Our tests are taking around 1, it would be nice to have in the output log of the running job. Not all the information would be necessary in the output log just the level of the log tree that you have in the tcLogX.



Matthieu Gironnet