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5 years ago
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Adding Parameter Updates All References to That KWT

Hi, I read that there was a feature request about 2 years ago suggesting that when we add a new parameter to a keyword test updates all references to that keyword test to at least pass the default value of the parameter.


Is there a reason this feature is not being developed? We have a suite thats almost three years old and the more functionalities our application has the more we add optional parameters or make a separate keyword test to handle those new functionalities.


Making a separate keyword test still requires us to look for all references to the original keyword test and add the new complement keyword test.


Testcomplete does allow us to update all references to objects such as namemapping aliases so I'm just curious why this hasnt been done yet


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    Actually... this already works.

    If you create a new parameter for a keyword test and set it for "Optional" with a default value, it will use that default value in all subsequent references to that keyword test.  There's no need to update the references elsewhere to include the parameter, it just works as is because it's "optional".

  • You're right, I totally blanked out on my feature idea, sorry about that. The name of my idea should be different.


    What I think would be useful is actually a Reference table where you can see what tests are referencing a specific test. I did try the find function but it seems to only find actual textual references but not a keyword call to a specific keyword test


    What I've been doing is actually using a text editor to search in the Keyword Tests folder for all references to "KeywordTests.XXXX" excluding the KeywordTests.tcKDT file and the keyword test file itself, and I think a way to see those connections inside TestComplete itself where you can double click to get to that line [Similar to text editors] to easily set values for non optional new parameters.

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    That would be a good feature.  I'm not sure if there is an ability to edit Feature Requests like you can posts in the main forum.  But I'd vote that one up.  There is a similar functionality already for Scripts to "Find Usages" so it would be nice to have something similar for Keyword tests.