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9 years ago
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Dashboard improvements - refresh widget(s) button, display filter title per widget

Some feature requests for the dashboard:

1) A "Refresh button" for each individual dashboard widget. Sometimes I'm not sure if it's up to date and refreshing the whole page is pretty silly. So maybe a "refresh all widgets" or the ability to refresh and individual widget would be great.
2) Each dashboard widget should indicate how it is being filtered by some kind of header. In the attached image I can't tell that that widget is filtered by a single release that I am targeting (unless there is another widget I should be using?)





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    I would agree that the titles of the dashboards should be displayed as I have several folders and filters that are used per project.  I really enjoy making use of the various dashboards available and would recommend a few more once the titles are available.

  • Yes agree. We'd also like to see the numbers displayed for the pie charts automatically without having to hover over them. This would provide better information if you want to send a screen shot of it to send to somebody who isn't going to be logging into QA Complete themselves

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    Yes agree, I came here to post this query but looks like maximojo already raised it. To add a bit more to it, we need option 1. to change the color of the legends (currently Awaiting Run is shown in green color, but in general we put green for Pass and then fail is marked as Red (here it is black)), 2.we need the data label (I mean the number). currently we need to hover over the legend to get the numbers summarize 1. customizable title 2. change the color of legends 3. data label for legends
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    forgot to add this 1. option to make this dashboard as public to project 2. option to email this dashboard