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4 years ago
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Remove admin from the license count

Since I am admin for our code collaborator - I am managing all admin activity. In some case License are full and I want to check the active user to inform logout who is not necessary to use application sometime - since admin/my account also considered under license count I cant even login to see those active users. Even if any emergency I need to generated or integrated report or repo - admin cant able to.Even If we got new license with some more user - I cant login and update  the license. Hope its make sense. So make admin as standalone user out of license to maintain the application.


  • Super admin doesn't consume license, so this admin can always login, even if all licenses are consumed. But 'regular' admin does, and there are no plans to change this behavior (please notice, that in theory there can be almost unlimited number of admins in Collaborator).

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    consider using the command line client to log out people.  Command line client doesn't require a license.