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7 years ago
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Error in Time Zones in Preferences of Collaborator

Hi Team, There is a clarification needed in Timezone under User preferences. As we can see the default value set as Europe/Helsinki (GMT+0200). Is this field value changes according to time. Based on the current season, it should be (GMT +3) because Helsinki has now Summer Time so it should be GMT+3. We are also not able to find the value Europe/Berlin in the Drop-down. Could you please let us know the reason behind these. Thanks and Regards, Avinash


  • Hi,


    According to the documentation, Collaborator doesn't currently support daylight saving time. So I moved your thread to the Collaborator Feature Requests forum.


    As for the Europe/Berlin time zone, it is present in latest builds of Collaborator 11.3. So, it should be available in Collaborator 11.3 after release.