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6 years ago
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Add ability to close chat

In larger reviews, there are sometimes many chat windows. As the review progresses, sometime chats are "done", in that there is nothing more to discuss. These chats now polute the general chat space, and the "accepted" icon is removed if the author uploads another file (often causing the reviewer to look at old chats). Please add an ability to "close" a chat, where the "accepted" icon is kept on that chat line. Perhaps even the (sometimes long) chat bubble could be minimized once closed..

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  • This has been a huge detriment to our workflow for larger code reviews. I've found myself personally re-reading through chats that we've already resolved.


    If I ask a question on a review and I receive an answer I'm satisfied with, I click "Accept". However, if any change is later made to that file (due to unrelated issues, other comments, etc) my old chat keeps cropping up. It's difficult to figure out which files I need to go back to view.