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9 years ago
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Specify Browser Display width for use with Responsive Web pages

Our developers are modifying our site to use responsive pages to modify the display and flow through our site depending on size of the display.


Unfortunately, AlertSite standard browser width of 768px forces any pages we load from our site to be displayed as if they were being viewed from a mobile device.  This prevents us from testing/monitoring components specifically designed for larger screen sizes. And also prevents us from monitoring transactions that should follow a desktop flow through our site.  


We need to be able to force a browser display width greater than 1200px in order to display, test and monitor our Desktop site.


We were asked to submit this as a feature request in response to a support request that we submitted.



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  • Thanks for the feedback.  We are looking at several approaches to this.  


    One option is to increase our standard screen size (probably to 1280x1024).  This will prevent responsive sites from interpreting our monitoring servers as mobile devices.  We need to understand the impact to some monitors that are sensitive to screen resolution changes before making a global switch.


    We'll be beginning the rollout of a new version of Chrome across our network this year that will feature a screen size of 1280x1024 as we develop our migration plan for Firefox.


    Making the screen resolution configurable is another option.....thought it is likely a larger development effort.