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7 years ago
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Measure and report availability based upon DOM load

As a department where we are only responsible for delivering the "website experience" until DOM load, it would be great if we could monitor and report on availability based upon DOM load.


We are having internal SLA's and currently one of the KPI is availability. We are using the standard availability numbers from AlertSite, but actually this is not right if we look at it from our service delivery point of view.


We see that if a page as a low(er) availability, in lots of occasions the fullpage download is very high and the checks timed out, mostly caused by "heavy" content. Our department is not responsible for content, so the availability figures give an incorrect reflection of our departments team.


Therefore we would like to be able to set and SLA on availability based upon DOM load.




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  • Content Views don't work for this, and a URL Exclusion is not desirable because it would throw off the metrics for a real-user. Creating the SLA for something other that RT is a good suggestion. Should be able to choose any of the metrics actually