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7 years ago
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TestExecute Settings Customization

There needs to be some way to easily customize the settings within TestExecute without having to login to every machine that has TestExecute installed on it and manually configuring it.


Either installation parameters, more execution parameters, or a human readable tcsettings.xml file that can be rewritten to configure the installation.  Something like this.  My company has 10 licenses for TestExecute, and our lab machines are very dynamic, meaning they get rebuilt often.  We are automating the setup/configuration of that environment, but this has become a limiting factor.


There are 3 key settings that I absolutely had to modify on each installation, and therefore we have opted currently to copy this XML file across all of our clients, but because the file is not human readable, I have no idea what other things are in there, and what might cause problems because I copied the file from another machine.


Also, I think it would be a good idea to have an option to make this configuration file be at the machine level rather than the user level.  While there may be a case for user specific settings, if that is not needed, managing these settings at a machine level rather than a user level would be far more efficient and less of a headache.


  • Hi David,


    You mentioned three options you definitely to set in your TestExecute instances everytime you set up a new test environment. Could you name these options and explain why you need to modify them?


    Thanks in advance!

  • Dmitry_Nikolaev Below are the three items that we have to configure on every installation.  The other issue we have found now that we have the configuration automated is that TestExecute fails with a exit code of 127 when launched via Jenkins if it hasn't been launched previously under the same USER profile manually.  We are still looking into the exact cause of this, but we still do not have everything fully automated at this time because of this issue.


    1. Setting the Java bridge configuration
    2. Disabling the "Send feature usage data to help improve TestExecute" option
      1. Our company is very sensitive to sending any data out of the company.
    3. Disable "Check for updates at startup".
      1. Automated tests through Jenkins will fail if this is enabled and an update is detected at the time TestExecute launches.
  • I too want to be able to provision immutable test infrastructure automatically, without having to manually configure Test Execute on each test agent. 

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    I hope this gets implemented asap.  This is absolutely needed in order to run tests unattended as part of a CI/CD pipeline across multiple machines.  In addition to the settings mentioned above, I also have to  disable 8 extensions to allow our app to run properly.  I want to be able to set up one machine with all the settings I want, then save it as a default configuration so that any other users on the same machine will get the same settings.  I also want to be able to launch a second machine and have it use the same settings for any user.  These settings never vary from one user to another among my team, as we all test the same apps, so I don't even need the ability to have the settings maintained differently for each user.  For a consistent testing environment, we need all machines to be set up the same with the same settings.