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7 years ago
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TestComplete: Bring Back The Ability To Create CheckPoints Using Visualizer Frames

The product owner for TestComplete has - without explanation - decided to remove the ability to create Checkpoints from Visualizer frames.  


This ability is (WAS) fantastic.  It made maintenance and "oh-crap-I-forgot-to" fixes very easy.  


This function was one of the main reasons my company decided to purchase TestComplete.  The decision to remove this functionality has me contemplating switching to other tools.  


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    Odd...  I'm not seeing that removal.... in TestComplete 12.31, I'm able to do this:


    This was just a quick record I did of interaction with NotePad as a Keyword test.  Now, it's not available in a SCRIPT test, but Keyword test, definitely.  If you could describe a bit more about what you're attempting, perhaps there's something more we can help with.

  • I've been working with Devin Dang with SmartBear Support on my Visualizer issues since upgrading to 12.3.  Per Devin:


    Hi Rich,

    They've decided to completely remove the ability to create Property Checkpoints from Visualizer Frames. We can request this feature to be re-implemented using the Feature request community page. Generally, features are implemented if they have enough community support shown through comments and kudos. Submit your request here so that others in the community can vote for it:



    I wasn't given an explanation as to why they decided this but going forward, the product owner has decided against including this feature in new versions. I'd revert back to a previous version where this feature worked and continue to use that.




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    That is strange since I am seeing it in 12.31 as still be available.  Oddly enough, though, as I try to use it, while I can select the item to create a property checkpoint, when I get to the properties page in the wizard, no properties are available.  Seems like it "broke" in some way, possibly when they redesigned the Property Checkpoint wizard in 12.30.


    While I don't use visualizer myself or in my projects, I can see the benefit.  I'll upvote this to either re-instate the functionality fully or repair the broken functionality. ddang, thanks for the support.  As always, y'all are awesome.

  • Tristaan,


    Yes - What you are seeing ("...get to the properties page in the wizard, no properties are available") is what I am seeing.  I should have been more descriptive. 


    I thought it was a bug too, and reported it as such.  That's when I started working with Devin - and was informed of the change.


    I thank you for your vote.



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    Right, currently you're able to still use the context menu when right-clicking the Visualizer frame to initiate the creation of the Property Checkpoint. Originally, we thought there was a bug that wasn't displaying the properties. Upon further investigation, this remnant behavior is a step towards removing the feature entirely. To "solve" the missing properties, they will remove the ability to create Property Checkpoints from Visualizer frames entirely.


    I've also upvote this as I don't see why we should be removing this feature. Perhaps new features included in later updates will capture this ability but at the moment there is no explanation towards why this feature is being removed.