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4 years ago

I cannot use Table checkpoints for Sencha grid in TestComplete


I can not create a Table checkpoint for grid in our internal web application. Application is based on Sencha.


TestComplete sees a grid, I can add it into NameMapping, moreover TestComplete recognizes columns and its names from the grid, but can not get a data from the rows. It shows 2 kind on errors at the last step of the Add Table wizard: 1st error if all columns are selected, 2nd one if only 1 column is selected (please see screen shots: 1st step of the Table wizard, 1st error message, 2nd error message).

Would you please advice how to fix this issue? Because Table checkpoints are very useful for our check data in the grids (we also use them in Java Desktop application).





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    4 years ago

    Thank you Marsha!

    pirap2 I found your support ticket, and it looks like the Sencha controls are not on the supported list.

    A w/a our team suggested is creating a custom script that loops through the grid and verifies the cell contents as an alternative to using a table checkpoint.


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