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7 years ago
New Idea

Restore ability to add/remove installation of modules

When an environment has a scarce module license, it helps to reduce the inadvertent use of the scarce license by *not* installing the affected module on machines whose users do not need the module.  This was possible with TestComplete 11, but not with TestComplete 12.  I'd like to restore that capability during the installation process.


As an example, imagine an environment with a hundred installations of TestComplete, and fifty Platform and Desktop licenses, but only five Web licenses.  TestComplete 12 installs all modules.  The default settings select all extensions for use.  In this environment, only a few users will need the Web module.  It is likely that the Web module users won't get a license because the regular users have (inadvertently) used all the Web licenses.



As alternatives, we could


- disable the extensions to the scarce module on most of the user machines using "File | Install extensions" but this is not readily automated, either during/after installation, or remotely.  Furthermore, it is easily changed back so that any user can use the scarce license.


- set up a separate license server just for the scarce licenses.  With it we could allow or deny any user/machine combination.  This is probably ideal except for the fact that it requires an entire machine.  Yet Another Server can be a non-starter in some corporate environments.


It would be better to not install the module to begin with.



The default installation workflow need not change.  The same number of clicks for a default installation can still happen.  Perhaps the modules selection can be presented on some available screen, with all modules selected by default.  Or perhaps the modules selection can be invoked by clicking a new 'change selection' button.

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  • I don't really prefer this. One of the things that impressed me about TestComplete when evaluating various software was the ease of installation. I didn't have to know what to select and deselect like in UFT and a lot of the other testing software.