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6 years ago
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Request for Code Completion feature for python objects

I am familiar with python,and do NOT want to learn testcomplete built-in function/method.However, I find that I can NOT invoke python native function/method by code completion in code editor.I just want it works like pycharm. For example,Step1:I define a list with python script. lst = [1,2,3,4] Step2:I input "lst." in code editor,if i am using "pycharm",it will pop up the below screenshot and it will show the native function,but NOT in testcomplete code editor


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    I'll tell you this... TestComplete will never be like pycharm.  While your request has merit, TestComplete and, in fact, test automation in general as a discipline requires a different way of thinking about writing code.  There are things you will need to adjust in your thinking about how to write the automation when using the tool.

  • Agreed.

    Something as simple as the following example does not provide any code completion for "open", and even less for the .read().

    The only thing you can have is "with" and "as", very helpfull...


    with open("helloWorld.txt") as file:
        hw = file.read()


     This is not even advanced library auto completion stuff, this is built in functions