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2 years ago

Feature Request: API - Provide first availabilty time (from v.xx) in the documentation


I, as a zephyrenterprise API user, wish I could know in the documentation the first version of a new resource



I have been trying to use for a couple of days until I noticed, that it is a resource provided first with the version 7.13 (and my client is still using 7.9). I would have earlier identified my problem if this information where present in the API doc.



As an API user, I wish I could also find information hints about deprecated / removed resources (GET-to-POST advancesearch), so that I can quickly understand (then fix) why something do not work any more (One does not read every single Version change log, since my client do multiple Version update at once). Either some Section about deprecated/removed resources (no need to described old resources, just a list of them)