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10 years ago
New Idea

Possibility to update all failed pictures of one test item

Assume this: There is a change in the software so that the previously black toolbar now is blue

-> all pictures containing this toolbar fail


Current workflow

To update all the failed pictures there are currently 2 possibilities:


1) check all pictures one after another > safe but very slow

for each checkpoint I have to 

- check that only toolbar color changed (in the simplified example I mentioned)

- click tab “Additional info”

- click link “Update the %screenshot_name checkpoint data

- click YES in the popup

- click OK on the next popup

- click tab “Picture”

> next screenshot

> so there are 5 clicks for each screenshot. This is quite much if there is a big change in the software and many pictures have to be updated.


2) re-run the test with option "update screenshots" enabled > insecure (there could be sporadic errors or stuff) + not too fast


My idea:

A Button to update all pictures in a testitem at once. (or maybe pictures that should be updated can be checked or unchecked)

So I just have to run through all the failed screenshots and check that just the color changed.

Afterwards just press the update all pictures button.

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