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6 years ago
New Idea

Name mapping comments including TODO for task list

I think that doing name mapping right is key, key, key. I would like to be able to add comments to each element in the name map as one would do with code comments. This includes allowing TODO entries that will then apper in the Task List window with double click to the instance.


Thank you for your consideration. (Will it be done by next weel? ;))


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    Preach it, sister automation evangelist!


    Get the mapping right, the rest of the automation works SOO much better. Get the mapping wrong, and you'll suffer for it.  Definitely a high priority piece for any automation project.  +1 vote from me.

  • So, of course, there IS a comment opportunity in the Name Mapping. I did not see it until I expanded the window. So this request is to include some kind of TODO / TASK or whatever marker to add stuff to the TASK list. That would be SOOOO helpful.


    Thanks for your consideration.