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4 years ago
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Log generation in backround

Currently when you stop a test during execution, TestComplete generates the log. While doing this, the window focus is taken multiple times, preventing you from working with other programs, during log generation.

This is especially frustrating, when you debug an error, where you have to stop testing over and over again.

So my suggestion is to make the log generation a background process without taking window focus.

As you can see in the attached video, as I stopped the test, I tried to open Notepad++, but TestComplete took the window focus back several times.


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    TestComplete is really bad at taking over the window, it's crazy. But part of that is how Windows is designed to work too ğŸ˜ž

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    The way TestComplete does this is very annoying and tedious.  I disagree with the comment that this is how windows is designed to work.   I have the Log file docked and yet it still takes over focus.  It should be able to update without taking the focus.