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7 years ago
New Idea

Insert Comments At the Project Suite and Project Level

In Keyword, we already have the ability to 'Insert Comments', which is quite useful for things like debugging (i.e. Comment: If this test case fails, check the customer's account settings.  Verify the Attn. field is required.).


However - We do not have an 'Insert Comments' option at the Project Suite or Project level.  This would be very useful for prep tasks and post tasks instructions and reminders.  (i.e. Comment: Before running these pay invoice tests, verify customer #80968790 has at least 15 unpaid invoices) or (Comment: Captcha tests 12156 thru 12159 must be run manually after running this project).

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    Just create a test that's only the comments and call it something useful "Preconditions" or "Postconditions" or "Debug hints" and add it into the test suite but disable it.  It will never run in the list of tests but it will be there if someone goes looking for help.