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2 years ago
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Implementation of OnWebPageDownloaded event for Chrome & Edge browser

As part of the Event Handlers, we have lot of events in TestComplete which are easy to implement in Project and helps to reduce manual effort.

There is one Event called 'OnWebPageDownloaded' which occurs post the web browser loads a page specified by URL. 

However, this event is supported to IE browser and MS Web Browser control only. 

This event is not supported to Chrome & Edge browser as both are mode from Chromium engine.

Please implement this event for other browsers like Chrome, Edge & Firefox browser as a future purpose.. That will helps to implement same event across all the browsers.


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    Isolating event handler solution that is specific to a web page would help a lot in reducing execution run time. 

  • Agree with TJohn.   Execution time has become a critical issue here at our company.  Any and all performance enhancements - but especially this one - would be very welcome.  

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    Implementing this solution for Chrome / Edge / other browsers  is very necessary since this is one event handler that would save a lot of run time plus being able to implement it globally vs. within each keyword test.