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9 years ago
New Idea

Implement Parameterized function for TestedApp, in Keyword Driven Testing

Currently, you can define fixed Command-line parameters for TestedApp.

But, if you have to run the same app multiple times but with different parameters, you need to create a new tested apps with each specific command-line parameters set.


It would be great feature enhancement if the command line parameters (and Working folder also), could be parameterized, so that you only have to define the TestedApp once, and run this app with the parameters needed.


For example:

In your test you need to start Notepad twice. Once with command line option /a, and other time with command line options /a /w


Now, I need to define 2 TestedApps first with /a as command line parameter, second time with the /a /w option.


Would be great if this can be enhanced similar as the Run Browser -> Parameterized (see attached screenshot), and you can set the parameters for each call to the TestedApp.


Edit: is possible in scripting, this feature request is for implementing it in KDT.



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    SmartBearDan Thanks for the tip!!


    If it receives enough votes this could be implemented for Keyword driven testing as well?


    I updated the original feature request.

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    I'm currently facing the same problem: I want to pass test-specific parameters to the tested app (more precisely: parameters to pass for all tests defined on the tested app and additional parameters for some tests). Using either Call Object Method or Run Code Snippet operations is not suitable as both modify my tested app and thus modify the project. This may lead to subtle errors on test execution as the default state of the tested app is not constant.


    Did I oversee a solution to pass parameters without modifying the tested app itself?


    P.S. the video link does not work any more.