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9 years ago
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Full .net, VB or VBA support in TC

So far, TC supports VbScript.

VbScript is not typesafe.

It does not provide compile-time syntax checking.

So, in large test libraries, changes are unnecessarily risky and difficult to handle.

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    An example:

    You do a little change in Your Script extension, unfortunately including a typo.

    You start Your test and it runs for hours, until.. it finally reaches the new functionality and stops with a runtime error. So, You have to start again, just because of a typo!

    So, in my opinion, the usual script languages may be usable for simple tests, but they are not really suitable.


    I'm very experienced in using VBA, the MS office scripting language. This language provides

    - type safety

    - compiletime syntax checking

    - usage of functionality in external projects.

    VBA projects do not need to be registered, they just work when they are present.

    So, THIS is a suitable scripting language, for small and large test scripts.