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10 years ago
New Idea

"Find" an object using maximum properties by selecting in Object Spy. (Create an Object Checkpoint)

Hi team,


  We have lot of find options and one has advantage over other. But there can be a single find property that can be used that can manually select the properties from the object and find it.


In the above post we have different type of find methods. In which we have to give depth. So that it take long time to find the object.



We can use FindID property, But it is not compatabily with unstable or dynamic web pages. Or sometimes it gives only stub and not an object.


To solve all this issues. We can create a find property by manually added required properties with the object spy.


Eg: We have "Create an object" checkpoint. In which we can select the properties as per requirement and check for the value. 


Implementation: If we implement that feature of finding property with all the required properties without any depth field and find the unique object. Then most of the issues will be solved. Please let me know the feedback