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5 years ago

Unable to find the object Sys.Browser("iexplore") is displayed.


i am using keyword testing and recorded a script to find the below Object 




but when running system is finding the below


Sys.Browser("iexplore", 2) 


and hence erroring out.


can someone help me in how to handle in such cases.


Thank you


  • Right, because you now have no browser instance running.  So, start at the beginning... and at the end of every test, if you're going to be launching the browser in the next test, make sure you close the existing browser window.  Otherwise, make sure you detect if the browser is already running and, if it already is running, don't launch the browser.

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    Is there a reason why you're recording using Sys.Browser and not using the mapping to the page?  Basically, I have my NameMapping set up so that the Aliases.browser points to just any Browser object.


    Basically, there are two different instances of internet explorer running in your environment.  You should also make sure you only have one instance of IE open.

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      thank you tristaanogre  


      when i tried using aliases i see the same issue.

      so when checked with support was asked to use the Full name considering it to be unique.


      there are no any instances of IE opened on the system. its in the DOM i see that .


      please see the attached screen shot.



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        What happens if you kill the process in the task manager and then launch IE?