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7 years ago
New Idea

Execute tests in a single project on 2 slaves

Consider a project with 100 tests which has a master project which run all the tests in this project on a remote VM.


    + Project01
    + Master
        + NetworkSuite
            + Job01
                + Task01 - Project01 (100 tests - 1-100) - VM01


I would like to add another task to Job01 to run half the tests on another VM.


+ Master
    + NetworkSuite
        + Job01
            + Task01 - Project01 (50 tests - 1-50) - VM01
            + Task02 - Project01 (50 tests - 51-100) - VM02


A test item can be specified in the command line as detailed in TestComplete Command Line (thanks @tristaanogre, @cunderw).

      /project:project_name /test:test_name


test_name can be a test item/group. But specifying a test item in the "Test" field in a network suite task is not working. I would like network suite tasks also to recognize test ietms/groups so that a project with a large number of tests can be run on multiple slaves.

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