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5 years ago
New Idea

Enter multiple lines into Description column of keyword test editor.

If this feature is available, I do not know how to do it.  It would very helpful to be able to enter multi-line text content into the Description column of the keyword test editor.  Our convention for documentation is to write something meaningful to a human operator of the software application being tested for each step such that a manual test can be performed to mimmick the keyword test.  The problem is, there is no wrap-around on this column, nor is there an ability to enter a carriage return directly into the editor.  We have a workaround, which is to write the text into Notepad (with carriage returns) and cut and paste from Notepad into the Description cell.  This is very cumbersome at best.


As far as I can tell, the Description column appears to be the place to do line-by-line comments (we prefer to use the Comment line in keyword tests for higher-level documentation).  We like the line-by-line commenting because we have a in-house program that will pull out the Description content from keyword tests and write them to a text file, thus giving us a manual test procedure for a diagnostician to run when we encounter bugs.