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4 years ago
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Add Project name in the execution plan item.

Here I have faced some trouble with execution plan item. I have multiple projects in my suite. So, opening the multiple execution plans troubling to select the specific one. Also, it is not editable.


Here a suggestion to add the project name in the Execution Plan item (Like: "Execution Plan_Test", where "Test" is the project name in the suite.) by default, also, make it editable as well. So it become more clear to user se select the specific one.


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    Hi ankit05gupta,


    Thanks for posting this idea! The "Execution Plan" item is very new, so we're glad to hear any feedback.


    We'll discuss the idea internally. For now, as a way to work around this, I can suggest checking the project suite tree on the left when working with different "Execution Plan" tabs - when you switch between them, TestComplete highlights the corresponding projects. Also, if you hover over the name of the tab, you should be able to see the full path that includes the project name.