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5 years ago
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OAS 3.0 tooling support

As many of us aware that Software development to moving towards API development for the services using Swagger.


Open API Specification 3.0 was out quite some time ago and even service packs available.


However, there is lack of tooling(free) support for the same in the market such as Postman including SmartBear's SoapUI Open Source as well. Not sure about ReadyAPI though. Of course, swagger tools be used to hit the service, but can't be used for the automation.


Latest version of SoapUI OS supports only Swagger 2.0 and it has some limitations (refer here)


So, here the request to SmartBear team is to find when can OAS 3.0 be supported in SoapUI OS.


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    SoapUI 5.7.0 release notes says: 

    "Now, to work with OpenAPI/Swagger definitions, you do not need to use plugins. SoapUI supports it out-of-the-box. Additionally, we've improved integrations with SwaggerHub to make it even more convenient."
    However importing an OpenAPI v3 definiton fails with:
    "java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "com.smartbear.swagger.SwaggerImporter.importSwagger(String)" because "this.val$importer" is null"
    It would be great to have the ability to import our OpenAPI v3 definitions.
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    I can confirm,


    the problem with importing OpenAPI 3.0 still persits with version 5.7.0.


    Do you have some plans for supporting OpenAPI v3?

  • download your OpenAPI 3.0 definition JSON file.

    use https://editor.swagger.io/ and convert JSON definition as yaml file.

    then import into SOAPUI version 5.7.0.

    then should be able to see all the list of APIs as WADL.

    finally generate test suite and continue the testcases in SOAPUI