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2 years ago

OAS 3.1 support

Hi, the latest version of Open API Specification version 3.1 was released  a few months ago. When will SwaggerHub include support for OAS 3.1?

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    Looks like it is supported now:


    I cannot find anything on this on the "Whats new" page?!?


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      Hi HenrikHL 

      Thank you for the update.

      In which circumstance did you get this message?
      Did you try to load a 3.1.0 file and it raised this message?
      I did it too and I managed to get the update popup but it is still unclear if it is supported.


  • Howdy folks,


    PM On SwaggerHub here.

    Looks like a public slip. We are working on OpenAPI 3.1 support, but it isn't ready for SwaggerHub just yet. This is a bug sneak preview. 


    If you do want to see support, you can play around at, which shows the new Editor and a version of SwaggerUI with partial support (take a look at the subtle UI changes in Schema rendering as we implement JSON Schema 2020-12).  Feedback is welcome! The best place is here or on GitHub issues:

  • Hey pimgThe open source team is currently focused on delivering AsnyncAPI support, but OAS 3.1 is tied to some of that work. ponelat might be able to provide a little bit more detail on the timeline for 3.1 support in SwaggerHub!

  • Hi pimg 

    Thanks for the question. We don't have a public roadmap for OpenAPI 3.1 just yet, but are actively working on both the roadmap and the underlying tooling. It all starts in the Open Source (ie: Swagger) and then SwaggerHub adopts it. The next thing to look out for is that roadmap which will blog about in soon.

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    Hmm - I am not super impressed. Pressing the "Convert to OpenAPI 3.1" button changes some descriptions (I might have done them wrong) - but weirdly enough - it does not change the "openapi: 3.0.0" --> "openapi: 3.1.0" definition?!?

    To the left the "old" 3.0 file - to the right the "new"(?) 3.1 file

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    Hi chichepo 

    I have the same problem as you - I pressed the "upgrade" button and some minor changes to description attributes was made automatically. As I wrote earlier not even the "openapi" definition was changed to 3.1.0 which would seem kind of strange since I would assume this would be essential for the system to know that it is a 3.1.0 specification..?

    I also get the "No content due to Errors..." message 😞

    Not sure if it is supported or not - I only stumbled across the possibility to upgrade...

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    Checked the release page again and I think a wrong version has been bumped...

    I think version 4.9.2 (or even 4.9.1) should have been released instead... 😞