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6 years ago
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Enable adding multiple WSDLs with the same name of the binding

Dear all,

I have a SoapUI project and am not able to add a WSDL in the following circumstances.


Problem description

I have a SoapUI project (in SoapUI version 5.4.0):

  • one of the WSDL interfaces is called "bindingServiceName".
  • I have a completely different WSDL/service, which contains a binding with the same name "bindingServiceName" and which I need to import to the project as well.


When I try to add the second WSDL to SoapUI project I get a dialogue:

Interface [bindingServiceName] already exists in project, update instead? Yes No Cancel


Apparently "Yes" is not an option as these services are completely different and I need them both.

When I choose "No", no interface is added to the project.


It seems this is an old issue, known in 2009 already



I suggest that in such a situation SoapUI would:

  • warn that the WSDL contains the same binding name as already exists within the project and
  • offer an input to get a different (unique) name for the imported binding

I would be helpful if this gets resolved. Currently, we need to do an unpleasant workaround.


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