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Feature Request - Ws-Attacker

Is there anyone that can answer a question as to whether or not some of the attacks for ws-attacker can be added to the SecurePro product - there are a high number of attacks that are included there that are not included in SecurePro.


Please see below for a support request response:



10/06/2015 02:52:50 PM EDT [Marcus James]





"Right now you have the ability to add attacks one at a time, the ability to import 100's of attacks would be, in my opinion, a very valuable feature to add and would make sense given the number of iterations that may be required to discover issues"


I agree that the Secure Pro functionality should have the ability to add more than one security scan at a time in the GUI for security tests that are already created.  I have opened enhancement request API-3637 for this.


" This would reduce the reliance on using Burp Intruder to conduct attacks after SoapUI Pro has parsed WSDLs, or you have created REST based attacks. The other part of this request would be able to conduct attacks in addition to those listed that ws-attacker has"


WS-Attacker uses SoapUI framework based on the documentation off of Github.  There does not appear to be a license or EULA associated with that framework.  I believe you should create a feature request for this in the Ready API forum and some one from the product management team such as the product owner can provide feedback on this.







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