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7 years ago

Allow usage of "legacy" Get Data dialog or improve current one



In SoapUI 5.1.2 (latest legacy version), Get Data dialog was very quick to use because it started with focus in current location from where it was called. So navigating to properties in the same test case (for example) was very quick. In current Ready API, there is some Get Data dialog which starts on Project level and user must navigate via project structure to the level where he called the dialog (usually test case). This is many times slower solution because when project is big, user must scroll in content or remember the path so he can use filter. Anyway in legacy dialog, I was able to reach property in three clicks, now it's like 10 click and lot of scrolling and seeking for my current path


You can compare how it looks in legacy SoapUI and new Ready API and in fact this is the only reason I am still with legacy system because work in it is much faster. 


Please make possibility in Preferences to use legacy Get Data dialog OR add button that will navigate me to the current area and will fill Project, Test Suite and Test Case columns


Thank You,


br, Vladan




  • This has been already implemented in 2.2.0 but interesting is that no one from Smart Bear replied here but when we asked lately for same thing using email of our big (and also their) customer, there was a response in a day and feature completed in few weeks :/


    Anyway we can close this one as done

  • Status changed:
    New Idea

    As krenevla noted, this has been implemented in v2.2.0


    In v2.3, which will come out soon, we are further improving Get Data by making it resizeable, remembering the dimension changes for it, and additional usability cleanups


    Mike Giller

    Product Owner