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3 years ago

Better understanding the "legacy method" of instrumenting Android apps on TC 15

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Instrumenting Android Applications in Android Studio (Legacy) | TestComplete Documentation (


Background of my problem is here...

TL;DR, I'm able to add the Android app to be automated under the TestedApps view/tab.  However, running it from there (right click, click on "Run Selected") does not display the app at all under the Object Browser (let alone all of its Object Browser items).  When using Object Spy, the moilbe screen just shows everything as one object.  It can't pick out the individual text boxes, buttons, and other controls it uses.

Re: Help with instructions on instrumenting legacy... - SmartBear Community


QUESTION 1: Online searching shows that legacy apps are considered to be Android API/SDK level 23 or lower (so Android 6.x/Marshmallow).  Is this correct for the TestComplete's purposes as well?


QUESTION 2: If an Android app targets several API levels, does that mean none of them can go beyond level 23, or is the Android app still considered "legacy" so long as one of the levels is level 23?