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10 years ago
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Reduce the size of the Smartbear banner and Customer Company Logo box

Can you please reduce the SmartBear Banner at the top of the page. This will enable us to see more of what we have purchased the product for..


Can you also reduce the of the Customer Company logo box (bottom left hand corner). It's nice to have our logo on screen but if we can configure the size of the box or turn it off it makes the product more usabale.




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    Accepted for Discussion
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    Customer Company logo.  I have been asked by our users if it could be made smaller so they can see more of the tests listed ( the area above the logo in Test Library).  We have over 11,000 test scripts in the test Library with a ton of folder and would like to see move of them listed. We realize we will still need to scroll but we can see more each time we scroll.

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    I would like to see the Company Logo section configurable in order to turn it off.  I know which company I work for.  I would rather have this space used to see more of whichever module is open in the left nav.