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QAC Feature Request: Deployment Log/Log Creation with custom fields (configuration management capab)

In our organization we use QA Complete to manage our defects and feature requests, and we have external and internal parties who deploy various features to various environments.

It would be enormously helpful to be able to use QA Complete to track these deployment activities on the Defect level by enabling the inclusion of a log with entries.

See Example below - While there is a history in QA Complete and even custom fields, the fields are not dynamic and there is no place to maintain a log that I can see.  

My request would be to allow for either a log creation or the ability to have fields which are dependent on each other or even dynamic - i.e. Deployed to Env xxx on YYY date and intended for zzz release --- OR Check In date - targeted for release xxx -- in environment yyy 

See example below of something we started doing to track our deployments (mind you I know there are separate full on configuration management solutions/web applications -- but it would be great if QA Complete had some of these capabilities... -Thank you! - Erik Hendin / Quality Manager @ 32BJ Benefit Funds... 

Date Environment Affected Activity Release # (If applicable) Defect IDs deployed Deployed By (internal entity, external vendor, etc) Notes
12/7/2018 V3 Production Release R32P1 See release notes Vendor X Deployment Production of Release 32 (Patch 1 was latest code at that time)
12/11/2018 V3R4UAT CPI Deployment   13938, 13971 Vendor X Resolution of V3 System Datasheet issues
12/12/2018 V3R4UAT Script   Re: 13938, 13971 32BJ/John Smith  
12/14/2018 V3QA Script   Re: 13938, 13971 32BJ/Jane Doe Re: script re: Union Representative Seq No attributes

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