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7 years ago
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Implement host to test in Test Editor

Use case:

we have multiple test environments, which have identical software running, but different environment settings (hardware, setup etc). When I record my tests on env1 I want to easily run it against env2.


You can see the used Hosts in scenario itself, but it's not easy to switch (currently you have to update all pages).


I want LoadComplete to support easy running the same test on different environment. How? By adding a column Host on the Test Editor window. In this field the user can enter the environment URL (or variable name) to easy switch between test environments and press Play.


For example:

env1 :



script is recorded on, then to run the test on only the field Host on Test Editor has to be changed from to (or variable names)



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    If you have to run a complex scenario which runs many sub-scenarios and they send requests to more than one host, it will require having a tree-like structure as a value of this new field. Thus, we’ll need to embed a tree-view control to the in-place editor of the value.


    Would such implementation work for you?

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    AlexeyKryuchkov Your suggestion would work however I would prefer being able to use a project variable to fill the value for hosts (and change it).