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7 years ago

Vote for the Code Editor Features to be Implemented

Hello Community,


Thanks everyone for the Code Editor feature requests you’ve been posting to the TestComplete Community. All of them are great! We are planning to implement the most required features in one of the next releases. For this, could you please help us prioritize the submitted suggestions?



Please follow the survey and select the 4 features you like most. If you haven’t had a chance to submit your feature request yet, you can do this within this survey, as well.





We are offering you to vote for the following feature requests (click each suggestion to open the original community discussion for details):


Code Completion for class members

Predefined color schemes for the TestComplete IDE including the script editor (Light, Dark)

Trace references to variables and functions (show places where a function or variable is used)

Code analysis tool (like PyLint, JSLint, ESLint)

Auto-formatting code when typing with an option to update auto-formatting rules - Code Beautifier

Documentation comments for declarations (functions, variables, etc.) to display in the Code Completion window as hints



We are closing the survey on Oct 27.



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  • Hi everyone,


    Thank you for taking the time out to send in your votes and suggestions. 

    Our winner for this round is: Trace references to variables and functions (show places where a function or variable is used)


    Implementation time is around 5-6 weeks, so we'll have this included in our next release, TestComplete 12.5. 


    To see survey results, please go to:


    We appreciate your feedback and hope to include more of the suggestions around the script editor in upcoming releases. 


    Best regards,


    Prashant Mohan

    Product Manager, TestComplete

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    Voting done!, Hope high rated features will available in near-future.

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        Using the occasion...

        As all supported scripting languages (except VBScript) support optional function parameters that can be set within the code, do you think that it is a good idea to make the 'Run Current Routine' Code Editor's context menu command to be enabled for both procedures and functions for all scripting languages except VBScript (where it should be left disabled for functions as it is now) ?

        Do I need to create a feature request for this?