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10 years ago

Show logged in user names when the limit exceeds Licenses Limit

It has been observed that once the user logins to the Collaborator and all the floating user licenses has been consumed he is not shown the initials (login names) of all users that are already logged into the system.


Please let us know how we can enable this service or if this is known issue from your side as we need this service of letting the user who's exceed the license to knows which all users are already logged into the system.


  • It would be useful to show the Last Activity timestamp and email for each logged in user as well (sorted by timestamp).  The user could then email someone who's been idle for the longest time (i.e. someone likely not using thier license and the system is just waiting to log them out automatically after the 1 hour inactive limit).

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    If privacy is a concern, can you make visibility to logged in users a global setting?


    I can see this scenario visible, and an admin not being around.  


    Having not hit our own limit, I'm not sure how SB handles floating licenses.  If you are denied, do you have the option of waiting and/or being notified when a license is free, or do you just keep trying?    Is there a "kick off inactive users" button for a user or an admin?

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    I am not interested in a feature like this,  The linger timer can be changed for the server which will open unused licenses faster.