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9 years ago
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Enhancing Collaborator api to facilitate smoother automation

When creating basic automation for adding new changes to an existing review using the available api, I wanted to validate the user input; the first input is the review number, followed by TFS changeset number.  So the command would be

add-review 1234 5678 - the first action is to validate if review 1234 actually exists; and this is where I got stock; collaborator does not have a basic is_reviewid_valid(reviewid) api; I can request to edit review 1234 (ccolab admin review edit 1234) but if this review does not exist collaborator suffers an exception - the exception results are then put on the console creating rather a nasty message - I would much prefer to ask the question is_reviewid_valid(reviewid) and get a True or False back, and take appropirate action based on the returned result.


Can you add this feature please?

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