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8 years ago
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Allow to pre-fill the 'Before' and 'After' branches in Code Collaborator Client



The Collaborator Enterprise Client's "Add Git Diffs to Review" modal window allows to specify Diffs to review by selecting the Before branch and After branch. We can browse thru existing branches thanks to the drop-down lists (see attached snapshot), but this can quickly become inconvenient when the number of branches increases. There are also some really irritating cases :


  1. When you add Git Diffs to existing reviews and have to select the same branches over and over again.

Solution > Persist the latest selected branches for a given existing review and user and allow to have the branches pre-filled


  1. When your DevOps guidelines require you to create reviews against a 'Develop' branch systematically. Therefore, you always have to set the 'Before' branch on this 'Develop' branch.

Solution > Configure a default 'Before' branch so that it can automatically be picked up for new reviews.







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    If you're running the review generation "systematically", I could recommend using the "ccollab" tool rather than the "ccollabgui" tool.  You can manually provide the necessary details directly from the command-line rather than having to run the settings through a GUI.  If you wanted advanced GUI modification, I would expect you to roll your own custom GUI wrapper to the ccollab command-line tool since the one already provided is just a simple wrapper to begin with.


    For example I'll usually post a review as:

    ccollab addgitdiffs new master...my_feature_branch


    I wrote wrapper scripts that could take more or less options for my use cases, and if I'm uploading to an existing review I would replace the "new" keyword with the review number.