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3 years ago

Create new issue pre-filled description

Would it be possible when creating new issue that the step, actual result and expected etc can be pre filled in with the "Create issue pop-up window"? I need to copy beforehand and image is not always possible to copy as well. Anyone got some good idea on how to do it? or any external tools.







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      Hello! Thanks for your answer, I noticed I gave very little information.


      We are currently using Zephyr scale cloud. When I run a test cycle and found and issue, I set it to failed. Then I go to the cogwheel and do a "Create Issue".


      Is it possible to make it so that the information on the test case gets copied over to description in "Create issue" field? I tried looking into the API information you sent but not able to find anything about that.

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        Ahhh, now I understand.  There's no ZS feature or function I'm aware of that can do that.  Your Jira administrator might be able to do something using screen transitions within your project.