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8 years ago
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Allow Observers to more quickly claim Reviewer role via review pool action

Scenario: A user has set up an observer role subscription for certain files or authors.  This user is also a member of a review pool group.  A review comes in where the observer subscription has taken effect and that user wishes to claim the review as reviewer.  The user is unable to click the Action icon to automatically become a Reviewer.  User has to Edit Users -> Modify their role -> Done Editing.


Proposal: Rather than require the reviewer to Edit Participants and change their role we feel that this review pool action should automatically convert a user's observer role to reviewer without it requiring a manual edit.


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    I don't use the review pool feature however I think in addition to this it would also be beneficial if the user were able to join the review at the point of notification in one click:


    • When an email notification is received of the new review, click a link in the email which will automatically accept the pool request and open the review
    • When they are notified in the system tray application - similar deal as above, except from link in the system tray app.
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    Agreed. What you outlined would be welcomed enhancements from my team as well.

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    If a participant was automatically added as an Observer or Reviewer through a subscription, but is also a member of one or more Review Pools that haven't yet been claimed, it would also be nice to automatically resolve that condition when the Review Pool position is claimed.  Though that might cause more headache if it results in too few reviewers to meet the required number.