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5 years ago
New Idea

Option to add Uptime in the Dashboard Tiles



The current dashboard provides a quick overview of the monitor status, however, it is limited to performance and availability.  The uptime bar graph for monitors with SLA MultiPOP is only available under the SLA Dashboard, however it can only be displayed on the per-monitor-level (no dashboard across monitors with SLAs). In addition, the SLA dashboard cannot be shared with an URL.


It would be great if a simple uptime bar graph similar to the existing availability bar graph can be added (optionally) on the main dashboard.  It would be very useful for customers, such as product owners, who are interested in uptime more than availability. 


It would be great if there are options to tick under each monitor tile for what to display:

- Performance (seconds)

- Availability (percentage)

- Uptime (percentage)





Derek Y


  • Good suggestion.  We'll be working to add additional metrics / status indicators to the dashboards this year.  I suspect many of them will relate to monitor performance relative to thresholds (i.e., Uptime, SLA adherence, etc....)


    Thanks for the feedback and stay tuned!

  • Fantastic!  I look forward to these new features!  Thank you Denis!