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List all erring URLs

Hello, The text below is from my post in the Alertsite forum which describes what I am looking for. 

Thank you.

Joe Ledva



My question is, is there a way to list all URLs with errors from all data points of a performance report. Now let me explain


I created a device named siteA which is a script that hits 3 URLs on the web site. The past 250 runs have generated errors. So I create a performance report, selecting siteA, Detail, Graphs, Scatter Plot, Transaction Load Analysis, Fullpage Time Distribution, Status Summary, yesturday, location=Atlanta, data filters=off, go


When I look at the html report it shows every data point is red, meaning there was an error of some sort. I click on a data point, then I click on the waterfall icon, it usually shows, in red, an asset that had an error. I would like to get a list of all of those red URLs from every waterfall graph for every data point of the report. Is there a way to do that? If not I would have to click in each data point, then go into each waterfall graph, cut & paste the URL into a doc to get my list.


I am doing this to see if a service provider is falling down while delivering what they are supposed to be delivering.

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