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3 years ago

Zephyr - collaboration in Atlassian environment

Hello, what is the best way to review and collaborate on test cases? For example: our QA created a hundred of test cases and we want engineering and product folks to review and comment on them. Looks like TCs are by default marked DRAFT and I assume after reviews are completed, the TC is marked APPROVED. Suppose, one engineer wants to add comments or questions in various sections like Objective, Preconditions, Details, etc. Test Script, and other tabs in the TC. Then we want the other engineer, manager, and eventually the author to look at the comments/questions, and answer/resolve them, then ultimately mark the TC Approved. As a reviewer:

  • How can I see which TCs in the long list were updated?
  • How can I see what changed in the TC and if I can reply to a comment?
  • Can the system notify the author and reviewers when there were changes?

I am probably too used to collaborative environments like SharePoint, Microsoft Word, and Atlassian Jira/Confluence - is there a way to organize a similar review cycle of the Zephyr test cases?

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