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3 years ago

Test Execution - Missing test steps under test details section

Hi Team,


Currently facing issue while executing BDD test cases in Zephyr squad. details are following:
Write down scenarios in BDD user story using Given When Then keywords

  1. Add Tests to Test cycle
  2. Execute Test cycle
  3. Check Test steps information under Test details section
  4. Expected - Test steps as added in Scenario should display
  5. Actual - Currently test steps are missing in few tests.

Please look into this issue.



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  • Hey ysingh1 


    Hope you are well. 

    For this issue I would engage with our Support team. 



    I would also cross check and see if it is browser specific there has a wide variety of browser based issues reported here. 


    Support will be able to see if it is a bug, perhaps there is a configuration issue 


    None the less it would be great if you shed some light into how its solved, just so community members can reference this in the future.