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3 years ago

Setting parameter values per test cycle

Probably more of a feature request than a question, but, we're trying to use Test Cases with parameters, in order to better reuse tests. However, I can't see how to set these parameter values for top-level tests. It is clear for Call to Test step.


Basically, I'd like to setup a test cycle, and specify the parameter values for all tests in that test cycle. We have multiple test environments, and test organisation which have different features enabled, so each test cycle will be specifying these.


Additionally, I'd like the test to also be able to supply some of these values. For instance, when testing invites I want them to provide the email address they invited so that

1. it fills in the test steps with the exact data they should enter, and

2. we have a record of what was entered so if there is an error we have debug information to use to follow up on


Is there any way to do this currently? Or at least approximate it?