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2 years ago

Issue with post api call to update a test case status in a testrun/test cycle

This is our set up

Got the token related to my Jira/Zephyr account from my profile/Personal Access Tokens , added that to authorization as a part of the header to get api call and I am able to access the latest test result data of a certain test case using the following api call




The issue is with post call when I try to update test case status with in a test cycle using the following api( I added the same header like in the previous get call), I am getting a 500 error. I tried the put call  both with a blank body and also tried passing in a body as well ( 'status' : 'Pass'), but still I get a 500 error.


Has anyone run into same/similar issue, what was the resolution???

My purpose is to use this api call and update the test case status in JIRA/Zephyr based on the test results from Automated tests run using CodeceptJS tool.