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12 months ago

Internal importer - Zephyr for Jira (Zephyr Squad) - Importing excel sheet fails

I am attempting to upload test cases from MS Excel into Jira by way of the internal importer tool for Zephyr, but it fails every time. My excel sheet is formatted correctly, I have 5 columns:

  1. Name
  2. Step
  3. Expected Outcome
  4. Test Data
  5. ExternalId

For example, here is how my excel sheet is formatted :

NameStepExpected OutcomeTest DataExternalId
Case 1Click the forgot password buttonThe 'forgot password' modal is shown XXX-1027-1
Case 2Click submit after completing all required fields in the change password modalAn alert is shown that informs the user their password has been reset XXX-1027-2


These are the steps I take to attempt the import:

  1. In Jira, I locate the 'Test' menu entry and click to show the available options
  2. From the available options, I choose 'Importer'
  3. Once on the importer screen, I choose the appropriate project
  4. I choose a link type of 'tests'
  5. For the issue type, 'Test' is auto-populated (after choosing the project)
  6. For file type to upload, I choose 'Excel'
  7. I then choose the Excel file to upload
  8. I then click 'Retrieve Mapping' and then the Excel fields are populated below (as expected)
  9. In the Settings section, these are my settings:
    1. Discriminator: By ID Change (externalId)
    2. Import all sheets: true
    3. Starting row: 2
    4. Sheet filter: .*


Then I drag the corresponding Excel fields to their matching Zephyr fields

  • Name > Name
  • ExternalId > ExternalId
  • Step > Step
  • Result > Expected Outcome
  • Test Data > Test Data


Finally, I click 'Import' - there is a moment where the information is being processed and then I am shown the results of the import (which is always 'Failed')


Status : Failed.
File : REDACTED_edited_for_upload.xlsx
Error : XXX-3163:Row:2: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-3163:Row:3: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-6288:Row:2: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-6288:Row:3: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-6288:Row:4: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-6288:Row:5: issueService could not create Test.
XXX-6288:Row:6: issueService could not create Test.


The file has a total of 2 sheets, the first sheet has 2 tests and the second sheet has 5 tests.


NOTE: There was one instance where the test status read 'Success', but the tests didn't actually get created and the importer-outcome-dialog showed the same 'issueService could not create Test.' - see the second screenshot The first screenshot shows the usual failed message I see.


What am I doing wrong here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.