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3 years ago

how to Integrate Zephyr Squad or Zephyr Scale with Azure DevOps.

I want to Integrate Zephyr Squad/Scale with Azure DevOps Pipeline , Because After running CI-CD pipeline on Azure Devops, it will generate results in the form of Excel file(.xlsx) & Screenshots(.png)...
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    3 years ago

    Hi rajat1308 


    As you can see in the documentation you will be specifying the results.xml file in the .bat or .sh file. 


    This is what will be collected and brought back to Zephyr Squad


    As long as the .xlsx and .png files are included in the .xml file then this should work. 


    In order to find this out open the .xml file and check for relevant tags in the file. 

    If they are not included in the .xml file, you will need to create a script which would automatically append the .xml file and add tags to it so that the .xml file generated from your executed framework includes these desired attachments into the .xml file that generated. 


    You could run a batch script in Azure after the build runs or run this within your framework aslong as your framework which is being executed by Azure dev ops allows additional batch/shells scripts to be executed.